Applying for a Mortgage


Step One - Research
It would be prudent to check your FICO credit score yourself before starting the loan process. You can find out your combined score from all three credit bureaus by going to and purchasing the score package. By knowing your FICO credit score in advance of speaking with loan agents--this knowledge will help give you some idea of the loan for which you are qualified. Many interest rates are determined by the buyer's FICO (CREDIT SCORE).Always ask the lender, what are their FICO score requirements? Your check on your own FICO score will also prevent unnecessary inquiries on your credit report which costs points and lowers your score.

Step Two - Prequalify
Search and compare mortgage lenders. Once you’ve found your lender set up an appointment. They can help you figure out what kind of house you can afford. This is a great time to see what type of loan would work best for you.

Step Three - Pre-Approved

Your information on the loan application will then be reviewed and confirmed by the lender. Your credit report will be checked; and you will receive a pre-approval document that is subject to the appraisal value of the property that you will be purchasing. Having a "pre-approval letter" from your lender will speed the loan process up and also enhance your offer with the seller.




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